Hazendal Culinary wine Experience

Hazendal's Sensory Experience is a Culinary Masterpiece.

Chef Michelle Theron and winemaker Neil Strydom perfected the art of fine dining and wine pairing when they created the Sensory Experience at Hazendal.

I simply cannot only classify it as a food and wine pairing, you will soon understand why I am making this bold statement.

I truly think it is a culinary masterpiece that should be the standard of Cape Wineland's introduction to tourists.

The Sensory Experience at Hazendal Wine Estate is far more than a typical food and wine pairing. It's an immersive adventure meticulously designed to sweep you off your feet. From the initial sip of their citrus vodka cocktail in the historic 1870s wine cellar to the setting of the underground wine library, my jaw dropped as I entered the space, surrounded by decades-old wine bottles, the ambiance is nothing short of awe-inspiring with its glass ceiling and two grand chandeliers.

This ambiance alone sets the stage, elevating the entire experience before you even indulge in the true magic, the delectable food and wine selection. Chef Michelle Theron's inventive culinary style deserves applause, as she flawlessly pairs each plate with the artistic creations of Neil Strydom, embodied in the Hazendal Wines. Picture the perfection of Roasted Pork Belly Bao with ginger-scented stone fruit salsa, Toasted macadamia, and White sesame, harmoniously paired with the Hazendal Chenin Blanc. Served in a ceramic glass tower, each course unfolds, revealing a culinary journey with every pairing.

The attention to detail in the pairings becomes evident with the transition from white to red wines, featuring a palate-refreshing Granny Smith apple and lime sorbet adorned with green melon pearls and Blanc de Blanc jelly. The intricacy of the pairings emphasises the elevated nature of this exceptional experience.

For dessert enthusiasts, the exclusive Hazendal Straw Wine steals the spotlight, it’s no longer available for retail but a uniquely incorporated in the Sensory Experience. Paired with an apricot and almond frangipane, salted honeycomb, and milk chocolate clusters with honey cream, it perfects the entire experience.

The overall atmosphere, culinary creations, wine selections, and complete experience undoubtedly deserve a 10 out of 10 rating. Travellers will be pleased to know that other offerings at the Hazendal Wine Estate, include Wonderal, an interactive educational center for kids aged 5 to 13, ensuring a family-friendly environment as you enjoy the Sensory Experience.

The Hazendal Sensory Experience is available from Monday to Sunday and requires booking 24 hours in advance at bookings@hazendal.co.za.

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience for all your senses at Hazendal Wine Estate. 

Visit Hazendal Wine estate online: www.hazendal.co.za/the-sensory-experience/

Review by: Cape Town Luxury Traveller

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