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A Winelands escape to Banhoek Lodge?

Last year I visited Banhoek Lodge in Stellenbosch as a content creator to share my experience with my Cape Town Luxury Traveller community, it was special and I just knew I had to relive it again. This time around I wanted to add it as a Fem Power Luxury Retreats offer so experiencing it from that perspective was even more special. Let me explain.. you will soon understand why this place is so captivating.

Just for a moment, come escape reality with me and.. imagine waking up in the vineyards with the majestic panoramic mountain views as the backdrop.. It is by far one of those surreal experiences to wake up to and just realize how absolutely beautiful God's creation is and that you are present right now in this moment to witness and experience it.

The air is filled with tranquility, your mind at peace and in absolute wonder of your beautiful surroundings, so much so that you nearly forget about your breakfast feast that's awaiting you and your plans for the day ahead to explore the Winelands.

As much as you would be tempted to just soak in the views and enjoy the pool I would suggest strolling through the vineyards, capturing the moment, and enjoying the complimentary wine-tasting vouchers at their neighboring wine farms. Wear your favourite sun dress, let loose, dance, twirl, skip, sing if your must whatever it is you need to do to seize the absolutely beautiful moment.

Banhoek Lodge is situated just outside of Stellenbosch in close proximity to Franschhoek, the foodie capital of the Cape :-) so while they do not serve dinner you will have plenty of really good options close by to choose from.

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The lodge accommodates 14 people which is ideal for our trip capacity. It offers luxury and comfort and the location deserves 10 out of 10! Their staff and service are one of the reasons I knew they should be added to our preferred accommodation list, they tick all the boxes of what we require to ensure our clients have a comfortable stay and a luxurious experience.

By the time you're reading this, we might have already added the Winelands Experience to our catalogue as a trip, but in the meanwhile, why not hop on over to their website at www.banhoeklodge.co.za and let yourself daydream about being there? Banhoek Lodge is waiting to whisk you away on an adventure as an accommodation partner with Fem Power Luxury Retreats.

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